Application Information


If you are interested in renting an apartment with us, please review the selection criteria below before completing the application.

Selection Criteria

 A)  RENTAL COSTS for 2022

1)  One-bedroom – $1,610.00

2)  One-bedroom End Unit (w/ extra window) – $1,655.00

3)  Two-bedroom – $1,855.00

4)  Security Deposit – one-bedroom $2,415.00/two-bedroom $2,782.50


1)  Each person over the age of eighteen who will be residing in the apartment must complete an application.

2)  Each applicant must provide a government issued photo ID. If application is approved, a copy of the ID is required for retention in your tenant file.

3)  Each applicant must provide a minimum of two years rental history or home ownership, whichever is applicable. Evictions, poor payment history, poor housekeeping practices, destructive or abusive behavior will be grounds for denial.

4)  A criminal background check will be conducted on each applicant that has passed the initial background check. Any criminal convictions will result in the denial of the application.


1)   Minimum income requirements:

(a)  One-bedroom – $1,115.00/wk ($57,960 annually)
(b)  Two-bedroom – $1,284.00/wk ($66,780 annually)

2)   Each applicant must be able to prove income (i.e., pay stubs, tax returns, bank accounts or other verifiable proof of income or assets).

3)   Combined income of roommates will be considered, provided each applicant meets 67% of the qualifying income.

4)   Applicant requiring a co-signer will not be considered.


1)  Occupancy limit for a one-bedroom apartment is two people.

2)  Occupancy limit for a two-bedroom apartment is four people.

Submitting Your Application

You may submit your application to us via fax or when you visit.  So that we may be sure to allow plenty of time for you during your visit, please schedule your visit ahead of time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


The submission of a completed application does not guarantee or hold an apartment for you. An apartment will only be made available, once the application is approved, the lease is signed by all parties, the utilities are transferred to your name and the security deposit and first month’s rent is received.

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